During the course of the project, partners of the ATACD reserach network have collaborated on the development of a knowledge as a way of exchanging knowledge from different disciplines on the topics of topology and cultural change. 

A knowledge database that can be accessed from has been conceived, created and developped by Goldsmiths in close collaboration with the partners from Madrid and Barcelona and with the participation of the partners from Madrid, Barcelona, LSE and Panteion University.
On the site above, you will be able to access a selection of websites, papers, reviews, books, videos and other types of resources related to the main themes, disciplines and topics of the ATACD project. 
Below you can find instructions on how to use our database.

How to use the Delicious database
Delicious is "a social bookmarking service that allows users to tag, save, manage and share web pages from a centralized source."

When you go to our delicious home page you will land on the following page:

The blue links under the label "atacd's Bookmarks" (see below) on the upper left side allow you to search the bookmarks, the network and the TAGS sections of the database.

Bookmarks: These are the list of all the main bibliographic references saved. Each bookmark contains a title, a brief description, and below the description, the "tags" related to each entry.

Network: This link will take you to some of the users and partners of our network. If you click on this link, you will be redirected to bookmarks saved by individual partners of the project.

Tags: The tags work as "keywords". If you click on the Tags link under the main page heading, a "TAG cloud" will be created and you will be able to see all the tags used to search and catalogue the references or bookmarks entered. If you click on a specific tag, you will be directed to the entries or references that contain this tag. 

Display Options
You can customise the way in which the tags or results are displayed by clicking on the blue "Display Options" button located in the right hand side corner above the entries or tags (see below).
This tool will also give you the option of sorting the tags alphabetically or by count or to specify the level of detail or number of the results.Here you will also be able to see what the top 10 tags are in the database.

Search Bar
The bar located on the top of the page under the main heading (see picture below) allows you to type in any keyword in order to find out if there are bookmarks or entries labelled under that keyword or tag. Once you type in your first keyword, you will see that another blank field appears on the right. By typing in another keyword or tag, you will be able to combine or narrow down the results of your search further.

As previously mentioned, in the column on the right hand side of the screen you can browse through all of the tags in the ATACD knowledge database in order to find the result you are looking for.

The way in which tags are displayed can be changed by clicking on "Options" button located in the upper right hand side corner of that section.
Another useful feature of the database is the sorting option of "Tag Bundles". Here you can see the main tags bundles that have been catalogued according to a common denominator. All tags can be viewed by "author", "category" (or type of reference), "discipline" and "themes".
By clicking on any of these tag bundles, you will be able to see all related tags for each of the sections chosen.